Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conventional Education vs. Montessori


Late start at school (5-6)

One age per class

Seated at desks

Little socialization

Large group lessons

Teacher as source of answers

Rewards and punishments

Adult centered schedule

Frequent interruptions

Limited curriculum

Peer comparison as test

Emphasis on grades

Emphasis on conformity

Annual promotion

Teacher a disciplinarian

Corporal punishment

Little parent involvement

Graded report cards


Early start at school (2-3)

Three-year age span per class

Freedom to move about

Community atmosphere

Individual lessons

Self-correcting materials

Natural, logical consequences

Child centered schedule

Longer free work periods

Enhanced curriculum

Progress of student as test

Emphasis on learning

Emphasis on individuality

Progress at individual rate

Emphasis on “self control”

PEACE in education

Strong school/home ties

Observation based progress report

Researched by:

Eugene A. Haggarty
ED 177.07 (Educational Validities)
Experimental College
San Francisco State College

Center for Montessori Teacher Education
25 Roxbury Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583